Class Accounts and Submitting Assignments

This page contains instructions on setting up your class account, submitting assignments, and checking scores.

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Setting Up Your Class Account

  1. Acquire a class account form (handed out during the first two lectures and in section)
  2. Register your account
    You should be asked your name and SID the first time you log in. If you are not sure whether this has happened, run the following program from the command line


    to check your class registration information. (Note: This is *not* the University class enrollment system. If you have any question about whether you are officially enrolled in the class, check the tele-bears system.)

    If this script returns no information run


    If this information is incorrect run


Special instructions for setting up named accounts:

If you are using a named account for the class (e.g. bbrown), here are
extra steps you need to follow (for the class 'cs188', for example):

1. edit your .cshrc file to include the following three lines:

setenv MASTERDIR /home/ff/cs188
set path=(/share/b/grading/bin $path)
alias glookup /share/b/grading/bin/glookup

2. type

source .cshrc

3. type


If you are using your named account for more than one class that uses the
grading utilities, you will have to issue the setenv and alias commands
at the command line (setenv MASTERDIR /home/ff/classname; alias glookup
/home/ff/classname/bin/arch/`uname -m`/glookup) to point the grading
utilities to the correct class master account.

Submitting Programming Assignments

Each assignment has a name in the grading system (like p0, p1, etc.). To submit an assignment, change to the directory containing the assignment (using cd) and type submit <ASSIGNMENT-NAME>. For example:

submit p0

A submission should consist of:

Upon submission, the grading system will perform a few sanity checks to ensure that your submission succeeded. We will check the following conditions:

If all of the above hold, you (and all others listed in partners.txt) will receive a confirmation email within 15 minutes. If you do not receive an email, first check that your partners.txt file is well-formed and has been submitted. If you still receive no confirmation email, then please contact us. If the grading system encounters an error, you will receive an email explaining what went wrong. If you cannot discern the source of the problem from the error message, please contact us.

Please be careful when submitting projects. Your last submission will be the one graded. If you have a partner, the last submission from either partner's account will be graded.

Submitting Optional Files

By default, submit will only grab partners.txt and whatever file(s) we tell you to submit. However, you can submit other files if you wish. To do this, you must say no when submit gives you this prompt:

The files you have submitted are:
./ ./partners.txt
Is this correct? [yes/no]

submit will then ask you to name additional files.

Checking Your Scores

To look up your grades run the following program from the command line: