Course Staff

The best way to contact the staff is through Piazza. If you need to contact the course staff via email, we can be reached at You may contact the professors or GSIs directly, but the staff list will produce the fastest response. All emails end with


Headshot of Nathan Lambert

Nathan Lambert

Email: nol@
Headshot of Satish Rao

Satish Rao

Email: satishr@


Headshot of Mesut Yang

Mesut Xiaocheng Yang

Head TA
Email: Admin cs188@, Personal xiaocheng.yang@
  • Hello everyone! I am a fourth year CS major. I TA’d CS188 in Summer 2018, Spring 2019, Summer 2019 (Head TA), Fall 2019, and I am happy to rejoin this semester as the Head TA. My current interest is Human-Robot-Interaction in imperfect information games. In my free time, I travel to race radio-controlled vehicles at national and international events. Feel free to come talk to me about anything!
Headshot of Ajan

Ajan Lorenz Adriano

Email: superdoyboy@
  • Hey everyone! I'm Ajan and I'm a fourth year CS^2 double major. In my free time, I love to participate in anything performing arts related, whether it's watching a performance or learning a new instrument. I play the cymbals in Cal Band and am part of the Gamelan ensemble. I'm excited to teach and get to meet you all this semester!
Headshot of Albert Yu

Albert Yu

Email: albertyu@
  • My 9-year old brother wrote my bio for me: “I only let Jimmy eat peanuts I make. I live on Peanut Ave. I do peanut gardening. My friend is Jimmy. My PhD is farming.”
Headshot of Amitav Baruah

Amitav Baruah

Email: amitav@
  • Hi! I’m a third year EECS major from San Jose. I love sports (especially basketball, tennis, soccer, frisbee, and football), cooking, and listening to music, along with watching tv, movies, and occasionally anime. I also have a love-hate relationship with League soooo catch me on the rift! Looking forward to meeting y’all this semester and feel free to hit me up anytime :)
Headshot of Angela Yan

Angela Yan

Email: abyan@
  • Hello! I’m Angela, a third year CS/Cog-Sci major from San Diego. In my free time, I love being a mellophone player in the Cal Band, binging shows on Netflix (hmu with recommendations), and gaming! I also like to consider myself a boba. Really excited to teach and meet all of you this semester :)
Headshot of Anusha Nagabandi

Anusha Nagabandi

Email: nagaban2@
  • Hey everyone! I’m Anusha, a fifth year EECS Ph.D. student. I’m advised by professors Ron Fearing and Sergey Levine, and my research lies at the intersection of machine learning and robotics. In my free time, I enjoy dancing, playing Ultimate Frisbee, watching TV, hanging out with my friends, and eating (or thinking about) delicious food!
Headshot of Arin Nair

Arin Nair

Email: arinnair@
  • I’m Arin, a third year C.S. major that grew up in Chicago. I love C.S. and I am looking forward to learning about AI with all of you. I also make sure to spend a lot of time doing things I enjoy like listening (and rapping along) to rap music, lifting weights, eating lots of food, and most of all, just talking to people.
Headshot of Benson Yuan

Benson Yuan

Email: yuanbenson1772@
  • Hi! I’m Benson, a senior from SoCal (and grew up in Taiwan!). My research is currently focused on defending against adversarial examples in machine learning. In my (non-existent?) free time, I like to play basketball, watch the NBA, listen to podcasts and music and participate in LeetCode contests. Feel free to chat with me and I look forward to meeting you all!
Headshot of Carl Qi

Carl Qi

Email: daguqihanwen@
  • Hello friends! I’m a 3rd-year undergrad student majoring in cs and math. In my free time, I like to play the guitar, follow NFL, and watch Dude Perfect. Looking forward to a fun semester!
Headshot of Cathy Li

Cathy Li

Email: cathy_li@
  • Hey! I’m a junior from Beijing, China. I love AI and am happy to rejoin the 188 TA team! In my free time, I try to practice my really elementary Swedish. I’m excited to know more about you all!
Headshot of Charles Tang

Charles Tang

Email: j316chuck@
  • Hi! I’m a 4th year undergrad majoring in CS. I enjoy playing sports like soccer, basketball, and running. CS 188 was one of my favorite classes at Cal and I hope you guys enjoy it!
Headshot of Huazhe Xu

Harry Huazhe Xu

Email: huazhe_xu@
  • Hi, I am a 4th year phd doing RL and robotics. In my free time, I play the piano, read books and jog. I enjoy french movies and Japanese novels :)
Headshot of Jade Yen

Jade Yen

Email: jadeyen@
  • Hi! I’m a senior studying Cognitive Science & Computer Science (+ a little Data Science). Outside of class, I wear as much fruit-print clothing possible, binge Disney Channel Original Movies, eat way too much Berkeley Bowl peanut butter, and curate 00’s throwback playlists! Fun fact: this picture is from when I convinced my friends to be statistics distributions for Halloween!
Headshot of Jasmine Collins

Jasmine Collins

Email: jazzie@
  • Hello! I am a third year graduate student in CS. My research is focused on the intersection of computer vision and neuroscience. Outside of school I love vegan cooking, hiking, and volunteering at dog shelters!
Headshot of Jeffrey Tao

Jeffrey Tao

Email: jtao@
  • Hi! I'm a second-year EECS major interested in reinforcement learning and game theory research. In my free time, I'm usually playing some kind of game like chess, smash, or poker. Looking forward to meeting you all!
Headshot of Jierui Lin

Jierui Lin

Email: jerrylin0928@
  • Hi! I’m a fourth-year CS and Applied Math major. My research focuses on vision and learning. In my free time, I love watching soccer and movies:) Looking forward to starting a great semester with you!
Headshot of Lindsay Yang

Lindsay Yang

Email: lindsay.yang@
  • Hi! I’m a fourth-year CS/Cog Sci major and I love teaching, boba, Bojack Horseman, and memes. CS 188 is a great class (which is why I’m teaching it again!), so come hang out with me in section or anywhere! Here’s my rock.
Headshot of Pravin Ravishanker

Pravin Ravishanker

Email: pravin.ravishanker@
  • Hi everyone! I am a 3rd year EECS major from Sunnyvale, California. CS 188 was one of my favorite classes at Cal. During my free time, I enjoy hiking, skiing, and exploring the outdoors!
Headshot of Rachel Li

Rachel Li

Email: rachel_li@
  • Hey everyone! I’m a 5th year masters student from Virginia. My academic interests include networking, theory, and AI! In my nonexistent free time, I like to draw, play Clash Royale, and watch Netflix.
Headshot of Ryan Koh

Ryan Koh

Email: ryan_koh@
  • Hi! I’m a CS student from SoCal, looking forward to meeting you all this semester! I really loved CS 188! It’s a great class, where you not only learn about AI, but also develop a real love-hate relationship with Pacman. In my free time, I enjoy dancing with AFX and playing Smash with friends. I also spend an unhealthy amount of time browsing memes online 👀. Feel free to reach out about anything, and let’s have a great semester!
Headshot of Saagar Sanghavi

Saagar Sanghavi

Email: ssanghavi404@
  • < class="section bio"> Hello everyone! I’m a CS student from San Jose who loves solving puzzles. CS 188 was one of my favorite classes simply because there are so many exciting puzzles to solve! Outside of school, I love exploring the great outdoors; hit me up if you want to go hiking, camping, or swimming together anytime :) Looking forward to a fun semester ahead!
Headshot of Yanlai Yang

Yanlai Yang

Email: yyang22@
  • Hello! I’m a second-year CS and applied math major from Shanghai. This is my first time being a TA and I am really excited to meet everyone! I took CS 188 last semester and loved it. Outside of school, I love to play card games (especially contract bridge) and solve various kinds of puzzles.