Discussion Schedule

All times below are in Pacific Time. For links to the zoom rooms, please check Piazza. Note that all sections will be held online for the first two weeks. After that, most sections will be in person, but a couple TAs will continue to offer their sections online.

Regular sections focus on developing a strong foundational understanding of the course material, while Exam-Prep sections focus on problem-solving strategies and applying the concepts in new and unique ways. Regular Sections will be held between the Tuesday and Thursday lectures, while Exam Prep sections will be held on Fridays and the following Monday.

We highly encourage students to attend both regular AND exam prep discussions every week. Working through problems is the best way to learn this material. You cannot learn AI by simply reading about it or watching lectures. You need to practice solving problems.

Regular Discussions

Time Instructor Room
Tue 4-5pm Katherine Wheeler 130
Tue 4-5pm Ajay Stanley 179
Tue 4-5pm Regina Social Sciences 175
Tue 5-6pm Regina Social Sciences 104
Tue 6-7pm Ayush Wheeler 200
Time Instructor Room
Wed 10-11:30am (Extended) Parsa Online
Wed 12-1pm Raiymbek Stanley 179
Wed 1-2pm Jason Online
Wed 2-3pm Jason Online
Wed 2-3pm Jonathan Wheeler 130
Wed 3-4pm Saagar Etcheverry 3111
Wed 4-5pm Jocelyn Hearst Field Annex B1
Wed 4-5pm Saagar Cory 289
Wed 5-6pm Nitish Etcheverry 3107
Time Instructor Room
Thu 11-12pm Arvind Soda 320
Thu 12-1pm Evgeny Wheeler 202

Exam Prep Discussions

Time Instructor Room
Fri 9-10am Tarun Wheeler 200
Fri 10-11am Alina Online
Fri 11-12pm Rishi Morgan 109
Fri 1-2pm Scott Online
Fri 2-3pm Scott Online
Time Instructor Room
Mon 10-11am Arnaud Wheeler 130
Mon 10-11am Angela Wheeler 220
Mon 11am-12pm Angela Morgan 109
Mon 12-1pm Yanlai Wheeler 220
Mon 12-1pm Lun Online
Mon 1-2pm Lun Online
Mon 2-3pm Jim Wheeler 120
Mon 2-3pm Yanlai Wheeler 200
Mon 2-3pm Anikait Wheeler 30

Office Hours

All office hours take place in Soda 341A, and simultaneously in the zoom room posted on Piazza. Office hours will start the week of Jan 24th and be only online for Week 2. After we return to in-person instruction, they will be hybrid. TAs will answer questions following the order of this online queue.
Time Instructor
Mon 12-2pm Regina
Mon 4-6pm Katherine
Tue 10am-12pm Jasmine
Tue 12-2pm Jim
Tue 7-9pm (HW Party in Cory 540) Scott, Tarun, Yanlai, Raiymbek
Wed 10am-12pm Angela
Wed 12-2pm Ayush
Wed 2-4pm Jocelyn
Wed 4-6pm Arnaud + Arvind
Thu 10am-12pm Alina
Thu 12-2pm Parsa
Thu 4-6pm Jonathan
Thu 7-9pm (Project Party in Cory 540) Evgeny, Ajay, Jeffrey, Jason, Lun
Fri 10am-12pm Jeffrey
Fri 12-2pm Rishi
Fri 2-4pm Saagar
Fri 4-6pm Nitish
Fri 5-7pm Anikait