Course Staff

The best way to contact the staff is through Piazza. If you need to contact the course staff via email, we can be reached at You may contact the professors or GSIs directly, but the staff list will produce the fastest response. All emails end with


Headshot of Nikita

Nikita Kitaev

Email: kitaev@


Headshot of Cathy

Cathy Li

Head TA
Email: Admin cs188@, Personal cathy_li@
  • Hey! I’m a rising senior who grew up in China. I love AI and am happy to rejoin the 188 TA team! In my free time, I try to practice my really elementary Swedish. I’m excited to know more about you all, and I look forward to a rewarding summer with you!
Headshot of Alan

Alan He

Email: xhe22@
  • Hi! I’m a rising senior from Shanghai, China. Besides CS, I also have interest in econ and finance, and I’m excited to teach CS 188 for the first time this summer! In my free time, I love reading books, traveling, listening to music, working out. I’m also curious about a lot of things, and would be happy to have a conversation on topics outside of AI and CS. I still hope you find the material and projects as fascinating as I did :)
Headshot of Justin

Justin Fu

Email: justinfu@
  • Hi! I’m a PhD candidate in EECS working in robotics and machine learning. I've been at Berkeley forever (since undergrad), including before the bubble tea shop explosion. In my free time, I enjoy cooking asian food, board games, and piano! Looking forward to a great semester!
Headshot of Nathan

Nathan Lambert

Email: nol@
  • Hi all. I am a PhD candidate here in EECS working at the intersection of robotics and machine learning. I’m happy to rejoin the staff. Any other time I have is spent cooking, doing triathlons, or outdoorsing. I’m excited to get to know the students, so please come talk to me about anything!
Headshot of Robert

Robert Lin

Email: robertlin1357@
  • Hello! I’m a rising junior from the Bay Area majoring in CS and Applied Math. In my spare time I find myself playing video games, watching anime, or playing piano. I hope quarantine has been treating you all well, and I’m both nervous and excited to see how online instruction will go! CS188 has been one of my favorite classes to date, and I think Pacman serves as a great visual representation of many of the concepts presented in this class. Looking forward to a great semester!
Headshot of Ryan

Ryan Koh

Email: ryan_koh@
  • Hi! I’m a CS student from SoCal, looking forward to meeting you all this semester! I really loved CS 188! It’s a great class, where you not only learn about AI, but also develop a love-hate relationship with Pacman. Feel free to reach out about anything, and let’s have a great semester! We stan robots <3
Headshot of Varun

Varun Jhunjhunwalla

Email: varunj@
  • Hi, I’m a senior studying EECS from Mumbai, India. This class blew my mind when I took it and I hope you have a similar experience this summer.


Headshot of Nikhil

Nikhil Mandava

Email: nikmandava@
  • Hi everyone! I’m a rising junior from the Bay Area majoring in EECS and Business. In my free time you can find me entertaining my growing poker addiction, speeding through Netflix shows, and playing basketball and table tennis. I also love trying new restaurants, especially Thai, and ice cream. I really enjoyed taking CS188 and I’m excited to help out this semester!
Headshot of Steven

Steven Chen

Email: stevenfxchen@
  • Hello, I'm Steven! I'm a rising junior from San Diego majoring in EECS. In my free time, I like to play board games and Super Smash Bros. I also play Pokemon Go, so hit me up if you want to trade Pokemon :). I enjoyed CS188 a lot, so I’m super excited to be part of the course staff!
Headshot of Xinyun

Xinyun Cao

Email: xinyun_c@
  • Hello! I am Xin and I grew up in Shanghai, China. I am a Computer Science and Cognitive Science double major, and Music minor. I really had a great time learning CS188 in Fall 2019 and I decided to come back as a staff member to help you all enjoy this class and fall in love with AI! When I am not studying you can find me binge-watching youtube or anime, playing video games, recording songs, or practicing guitar. Enjoy learning this amazing class!
Headshot of Dev

Dev Navani

Email: devnavani@
  • Hi! I am a rising senior from Orlando, Florida studying Stats and CS. I am very passionate about education and have spent a lot of time volunteering and teaching in other departments. In my free time I like to play basketball, box, play chess, and watch TV. Recently my TV addiction has been somewhat out of control due to quarantine, but hopefully that changes soon! My favorite part of CS188 when I took it were the projects (you’ll become very familiar with PacMan if you aren’t already). Looking forward to a great summer semester!
Headshot of Sai

Sai Kapuluru

Email: saikapuluru@
  • Hello, I’m Sai and I am a rising senior from the Bay Area studying CS. When I am not doing CS I am usually playing basketball, playing fantasy basketball, or watching TV. Currently I am watching Money Heist, Succession, and Silicon Valley. Reach out to me if you want any recommendations for tv, want to talk about life in general, and of course for any advice about CS. Hope you all have a great time with this class like I did!
Headshot of Raghav

Raghav Singh

Email: raghavsingh@
  • Hi! I’m a rising Junior from Mumbai, India studying EECS. I’m super excited to join CS 188 course staff this summer! I procrastinate by watching Formula1, making puzzles or fast-forwarding through Netflix shows. Currently reading about aviation, sustainable vehicles and dystopian literature. Feel free to reach out to me about anything, even if it’s cause you’re bored in quarantine.. Looking forward to a great semester! (Unfortunately I rarely take pictures so here’s a LinkedIn headshot)