Course Staff

The best way to contact the staff is through Piazza. If you need to contact the course staff via email, we can be reached at You may contact the professors or GSIs directly, but the staff list will produce the fastest response. All emails end with


Headshot of Mesut

Mesut Yang

Email: xiaocheng.yang@
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Carl Qi

Email: daguqihanwen@


Headshot of Regina

Regina Wang

Head TA
Email: Admin cs188@, Personal rlwang@
  • I'm a fourth year CS major and Political Economy minor, and I absolutely love CS188 (taking it and teaching it). So I'm super excited for you all to experience the class this summer! My current research interest is in human-robot interaction. In my free time, I love baking, playing tennis, and clicking around Wikipedia. Feel free to reach out to talk about anything!
Headshot of Riddhi

Riddhi Bagadiaa

Email: riddhi_b@
  • Hi, my name is Riddhi! I’m a rising Senior majoring in CS and I took CS188 in last summer. I love eating spicy food, travelling, and building random things! Really excited to teach and meet all of you this semester :)
Headshot of Ashwin

Ashwin Balakrishna

Email: ashwin_balakrishna@
  • Hi, I'm a 3rd year CS PhD student and I work on trying to get robots to do cool things with reinforcement/imitation learning without causing too much damage in the process :P In my free time I like playing/watching tennis, going on hiking/biking trips near the ocean, and venturing down aimless YouTube rabbit holes. Looking forward to getting to know all of you this summer!
Headshot of Zaynah

Zaynah Javed

Email: zjaved@
  • Hi! I'm an incoming 5th year MS student in EECS working on exciting problems in reinforcement learning and robotics advised by Ken Goldberg! Outside of research, I also love working out, meeting up with friends, and shopping (in moderation I hope). Looking forward to teaching you guys this summer!
Headshot of Seth

Seth Park

Email: dong.huk.park@
  • Hi all! I am Seth, 5th year EECS PhD student working with Professor Trevor Darrell. I was born and raised in Korea, but moved to the US for my undergrad and graduate studies at UC Berkeley. My current research interest lies on vision and language understanding. CS 188 was one of my favorite classes during undergrad and I hope you guys will enjoy as much as I did too. Looking forward to a great semester!
Headshot of Oleksii

Oleksii Volkovskyi

Email: volkovskyi@
  • Hi everyone! I’m a junior studying EECS. I'm really into thrifting, hip hop, poker, and, of course, artificial intelligence :) Hope you like 188 and feel free to talk to me about anything!
Headshot of Jason

Jason Wang

Email: jasonw-sy@
  • Hi everyone! I'm a rising Junior majoring in CS. This is my first time teaching in CS 188, and I'm very excited to get to know you all. I love playing guitar and making music, and have a taste of making weird projects. Check out my website for more info!
Headshot of Srishti

Srishti Agarwal

Email: srishti@
  • Hi everyone! I’m a senior majoring in EECS. This is my first time teaching CS188. Within EECS, I’m interested in Machine Learning and Robotics, and I’m currently working at a start up on enhancing an NLP report generation model. I’m also a foodie, love watching TV shows and movies, playing board games and and dancing. Feel free to drop by my OH to drop movie recs/discuss anything ML or AI related! I’m super excited to get know you all!


Headshot of Timothy

Timothy Tu

Email: timothyktu@
  • Name: Tim/Tu Pronouns: Him/Who Worst text editor/framework: Vim/Vue Favorite slime: Rim/Uru Who's excited for 188: Yes, I'm/ Yes, you
Headshot of Alina

Alina Trinh

Email: tutrinh@
  • Hi y'all! I’m Alina and I'm a rising third-year studying EECS and business admin. I'm currently in SoCal but I'm super excited to return to Berkeley next fall! In my free time, I like to go hiking, play some piano, and read and watch random things. I'm really excited to be a reader for CS 188 and looking forward to a great summer session!
Headshot of Andrew

Andrew Wang

Email: andrew-wang@
  • Hi, I'm a rising junior majoring in EECS. My current research interests lie at the intersection of space physics and machine learning. Looking forward to a great semester!
Headshot of Jiaxun

Jiaxun Li

Email: jiaxun1218@
  • Hi! I'm a rising Junior undergrad majoring CS and Psychology. My academic interests focus on Natural Language Processing and Computational Neuroscience. In my free time I also enjoy playing Go and soccer. Feel free to talk to me about anything :)
Headshot of Evgeny

Evgeny Pobachienko

Email: evgenyp@
  • Hi! I'm a rising sophomore majoring in CS. I really enjoyed CS 188, especially the fun projects, and I'm excited to help teach it. Besides cs, I like going on longish runs, hiking, and playing video games (Elden Ring hype). I look forward to meeting you!
Headshot of Sarthak

Sarthak Arora

Email: sarthakarora@
  • Hello! I am a rising Senior studying Computer Science and Data Science and am extremely interested in NLP tasks. I also love playing cricket (and most other sports), going to the beach, eating dessert, and binge watching shows. Looking forward to a great summer :)