Course Info & Policies

Course #: Computer Science 189/289

Course Title: Introduction to Machine Learning

Instructors: Alexei Efros & Peter Bartlett

Offering: Spring 2015

Location: 2050 VLSB

Time: Tuesdays & Thursdays, 11:00 am - 12:30 pm

Prerequisites: Mathematics 53, 54; Computer Science 70; Computer Science 188 or consent of instructor.




CS189 Grading:


CS289 Grading:


Late homework policy: You have a total of 5 slip days for the entire course. Slip days are counted by rounding up (if you miss the deadline by one minute, that counts as 1 slip day). Be cautious with your slip days; don't get stuck with no slip days when your computer crashes the day the last homework is due.




Communication with Staff: Piazza is the place. In general, post a public question or note on Piazza. For questions/concerns related to you only, please create a private post on Piazza so the course staff can be sure that your post is addressed. If for some reason Piazza is not working for you, of course you can always e-mail the course staff at (instructors and GSI's) or e-mail individual staff members.