berkeley logoProgramming Project #7 (proj7)
CS194-26 (CS294-26): Image Manipulation and Computational Photography

[Auto]Stitching Photo Mosaics
Due Date: It's complicated (see below).


This project is all about stitching together many photographs to create larger composite images. It is divided into several parts with different due dates (see 'Deliverables'):

  1. In the first part, you will capture source photographs, define correspondences between them, and then warp and composite them. A detailed description of the requirements and scoring is given here.
  2. In the second part, you will automate the correspondence-finding portion of Part 1 so that you can create the panoramas automatically. A detailed description of the requirements and scoring for this part are given here.
  3. In the third part (graduate class only), you will use the homography mapping from Part 1 to create a 3D model from a single photograph. See description here.


Since this is an odd multi-part project, there are several due dates:

For turn-in, use upload utility and bCourses, as per the submission instructions.