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CS194-26 (CS294-26): Image Manipulation and Computational Photography

Due date for suggested assignments: 11:59pm on Sunday, Dec 11st, 2016
Due date for final presentations (proposed project only): TBD, probably Thursday, Dec 8th, 2016
Due date for final report (proposed projects only): 11:59pm on Sunday, Dec 11st, 2016

All students should do a final project for the class.

For those registered in cs294-26

If you are taking CS294-26 or you want to do your own project, then you need to subjmit a proposal. You may work in pairs if you want, but you need to double the amount of work put into the project.

Take a look at previous projects for inspiration.


For those registered in cs194-26

Undergrad-level students are welcome to do two assignments from the following list instead of an idea of their own.
Alternatively, groups of two students can jointly submit three assignments. At least one extra bells&whistles should be submitted with one of the assignments.