CS 194-26: Computational Photography (Fall 2018)

Project 2: Building a Pinhole Camera

Vivek Jain, CS196-26-adj

Nicholas Cai, CS196-26-aby


We used 0.1mm, 3mm, and 5mm as our pinhole diameters. We had a digital camera that could do 30 seconds of exposure time. After taking 2 pictures with each pinhole, we determined that the best diameter was 0.1mm, which makes sense as the smaller the diameter, the less blurry it will be due to lack of stray photons from a larger diameter.

Pictures of Pinhole Camera Setup

taking the photo

0.1mm Pinhole Images:

0.1mm, East Asian Library
0.1mm, Walkway between Evans and Latimer

3mm Pinhole Images:

3mm, East Asian Library
3mm, Walkway between Evans and Latimer

5mm Pinhole Images:

5mm, East Asian Library
5mm, Walkway between Evans and Latimer

4 additional 0.1mm Pinhole Images:

0.1mm, Vivek "Gains" Jain
0.1mm, Nicholas "The Thick" Cai
0.1mm, Ugliest building on the west coast
0.1mm, BDE