CS194-26 Fall 2018

Project 2: Buliding a Pinhole Camera

Team Member: Grace Park (-acd), Minjoo Sur (-aha), Frank Yang (-acg)

1. Pinhole Camera

In this project, we made a pinhole camera using a small box and a camera. We wrapped inside of the box with black paper to prevent any light. The side that is directly opposite of the pinhole is convered with white paper, which serves as a screen. Right next to the pinhole, there is another hole for the camera lense to take a picture of the screen.
We used 1mm, 3mm, and 5mm pinhole sizes with exposure from 3 second to 30 second. Below is the picture of our pinhole camera and how we made it.

2. Photos with Three Pinhole Sizes

When we use different size of pinholes, different amount of light hits the screen. Thus, we changed the exposure time depending on the pinhole to obtain a good amount of light.
When we used 1mm pinhole, a photo tends to be darker since less light goes through the pinhole, even with 30 seconds of exposure (which was the longest exposure time the camera allowed).
When we used 3mm pinhole with 15-30 seconds exposure time, we could get the best image.
When we tried taking picture with 5mm picture, we set 15 seconds as a exposure time at first, but the image was too bright. Thus, we decreased it to 3-10 seconds, and we could get a better result.

Car using (1mm, 30sec), (3mm, 15sec), (5mm, 3sec)
Campanile using (1mm, 30sec), (3mm, 15sec), (5mm, 10sec)

3. Extra Photos

Hearst Memorial Mining Building

Best image with pinhole 3mm

How we took the photo:

(1mm, 30sec)

(3mm, 20sec)

(5mm, 15sec)

Hearst Memorial Mining Building 1 (3mm, 15sec)

Hearst Memorial Mining Building 2 (3mm, 15sec)

Leaf (3mm, 20sec)

4. Bells and Whistles - Light Painting using Shoe Box

The group did light painting at the Memorial Glade at night. The biggest pinhole (5 mm) was used, since it was dark and there were not enough light going through the hole. The camera exposure was set to 30 seconds. First, the group used the camera phone screens at maximum brightness for the photos, but quickly realized that it was not bright enough for light painting. Therefore, the light source seen on the photos are camera flash. The first two photos was an attempt to make the galaxy. Then we moved on to make CAL.

Go Bears!