Project 2 Submission

Names: Rohan Murthy(cs194-26-adk), Priya Agarwal(cs194-26-agz)

In this project we created a pinhole camera by taking a shoe box and making a hole for a digital camera and a hole for the different pinhole sizes. We used a shutter speed of 30 seconds.
This is a picture of our camera model:
The three pinhole sizes that were used were 0.6mm, 3mm, and 5mm.
Using the equation given(1.9*sqrt(f*lambda)) and since the distance from the hole to the screen was 19cm, we got 1.9*sqrt(190mm*0.00055mm) = 0.6mm.

Scene 1: View from one of our apartment windows

In order from left to right: 0.6mm, 3mm, 5mm

Scene 2: View of the Toyota dealership parking lot

In order from left to right: 0.6mm, 3mm, 5mm


It seems that the 3mm pinhole size worked the best. The smallest one(0.6mm) was way too dim and had very dark colors. The largest one(5mm) was too bright and since it was really bright it made the pictures very blurry. When you use a small pinhole you are essentially confining the amount of light let in. Since less light is let in, there isn't enough light to see a clear picture. When you use a large pinhole you are bringing in too much light. This makes it so that there are just bright colors and not a lot of contrast in the picture. Also since so much light is let in, the picture becomes blurry since there is too much light being bounced off of the white paper.

Other pictures taken with the best pinhole size: 3mm

A view of Fulton st!

Some apartment on Channing!

Some apartment on Durant!

A very lonely sidewalk near Berkeley High!