Project 2

Preetham Gujjula (cs194-26-adt)

I used a white shoebox to host my pinhole camera. I covered all the sides of the interior of the shoebox, except the projection side, with black cardstock. I didn't need to cover the projection side with anything, since it was already white.

I realized that the edges of the shoebox were thin and leaked light into the interior, so I covered them with black duct tape. I used an xacto knife to cut out a hole for the camera lens.

I used 1mm, 3mm, and 5mm pinhole sizes for my camera. I used an actual pin to make the 1mm pinhole, and an xacto knife to make the 3mm and 5mm pinholes. When I operated my pinhole camera, I also covered the shoebox with thick black cloth, and wrapped the camera hole with more cloth, to cut down light leakage even further. All images were exposed for 30 seconds.

Camera setup

Uncovered Box Covered Box Inside Box

Scene 1

Scene 1, 1mm
1 mm pinhole, ISO 1600
Scene 1, 3mm
3 mm pinhole, ISO 800
Scene 1, 5mm
5 mm pinhole, ISO 100
Scene 1, reference
Reference image

Scene 2

Scene 2, 1mm
1 mm pinhole, ISO 6400
Scene 2, 3mm
3 mm pinhole, ISO 400
Scene 2, 5mm
5 mm pinhole, ISO 100
Scene 2, reference
Reference image

Pinhole analysis

The smaller pinhole sizes were sharper. However, I had to use high ISOs to capture the same image with a small pinhole, which resulted in grainier images for smaller pinholes. On the other hand, larger pinhole sizes had better lighting and color, and less grain. However, they were also more blurry, because the light shining on the shoebox wall comes from a larger area. I decided that images from the 3mm pinhole were the best, since they were decently sharp, and had good color quality.

Supplementary images with 3mm


Street, 3mm
3 mm pinhole
Street, reference
Reference image


I tried taking a picture a plant that wasn't in direct sunlight. This picture came out very dimly compared to the other pictures that I took in better lighting. I found it interesting that moving from direct sunlight to relative shade caused the picture quality to drop so sharply.
Plant, 3mm
3 mm pinhole
Plant, reference
Reference image


Car, 3mm
3 mm pinhole
Car, reference
Reference image


Brush, 3mm
3 mm pinhole
Brush, reference
Reference image