Project 2 - Camera Obscura

Student 1: Michelle Chuang

Student 2: Louis Leung

Student 3: Sally Yen

Project Overview

In this project we build a pinhole camera and experiment with different pinhole size (i.e. aperture) and investigate its effects on the image produced.
Holes of size 1mm, 3mm, and 5mm and a camera exposure time of 15 seconds were used.

Aperture Size Analysis

As the size of pinhole increases, more light is let in resulting in a brighter image. However this can lead to blurring, since one spot on our canvas might have light coming from a wider range of sources from the subject of the photograph. We found that 3mm had the best balance of detail and light levels.


1mm 3mm 5mm

Extra Images (Shot with 3MM)


Camera Setup

Hole for pinhole card
Top view
Pinhole cards