CS 194:-26 Image Manipulation and Computational Photography, Fall 2018

Building a Pinhole Camera

Keeping it simple:

We made a hole on one side of a dark box to make an image.

We sealed off a cardboard box spray painted the inside black and spray painted some index cards black.

We used a pin to poke different size holes in each index card.

We taped a white piece of plastic on one end of the box.

On the opposite end, we made a cut out in the box so that we could place index cards along the hole to interchange pinhole sizes.

Near this hole, we cut a circle that would fit the lense of our camera so that we could record the image produced on the white plastic.

We tested multiple sizes of holes and took many pictures.

When we used larger holes we let more light in and got brighter but blurrier images.

When we used a smaller hole we got images that needed more time to allow enough light for an image to develop, and, as a result, the images would be sharper but get too bright as detail was lost with the long exposure.

Bells and Whistles:

We used Pepper's ghost effect to create ghosts in some images. We did this by laying a piece of clear plastic at an angle outside the pinhole and then below, out of view placing an object so that the object would be slightly reflected off the plastic into the pinhole lense.

As such we were able to make a ghost of a scuba diver with a camera and take a selfie with him.

We did some night coloring with a flashlight and a long exposure.

We made stereo images by flipping a card with a hole on one side. We took a shot with the hole on the left and a shot with the hole on the right.

We used a longer box to get a greater focal lengh for our images.

Self Portrait
Lower Sproul
Self Portrait
Self Portrait
Night time lettering !!!
Night time lettering star
Flashlight in face
Pepper's Ghost weak
Pepper's Ghost strong
Me with Ghost
Me with Ghost
Stereo image1
Stereo image1
Stereo image2
Stereo image2
3mm Hole, 400 ISO, 3" Shutter
1.5mm Hole, 3200 ISO, 3" Shutter
0.8mm Hole, 12800 ISO, 10" Shutter
pinprick Hole, HI1 ISO, 30" Shutter
3mm Hole, 400 ISO, 4" Shutter
1.5mm Hole, 3200 ISO, 4" Shutter
0.8mm Hole, 6400 ISO, 10" Shutter
pinprick Hole, 6400 ISO, 30" Shutter
Stereoscopic hole
Inside of camera with demonstration of Pepper's Ghost effect
Our favorite spot
Typical weather we shot in
We tried foil too
Outside of camera
Inside of camera while taking a photo