CS 194-26: Image Manipulation and Computational Photography

Project 2: Building a Pinhole Camera

Kijung Kim, CS194-26-agm

Tony Pan, CS194-26-adn


Some pictures of camera setup and shoebox.


These sets of images below are taken with our finished camera obscura, with pinhole sizes of approximately ~1mm, 3mm, and 5mm respectively (top to bottom). These pictures were taken with 30 second exposures at f/3.5. In general, we noticed that increasing the pinhole size had the effects of increasing de-focus blur and creating a brighter image. As such, a pinhole of size ~1mm yielded images that were detailed but severely lacking in color saturation. Bumping up the size of the pinhole to 3mm had the effect of increasing image brightness, and produced overall better iamges despite the slightly larger amount of blur. A pinhole of 5mm produced the blurriest images, and often suffered from overexposure issues where too much light entered the box. Overexposure is especially visible in the photo of the ball statue, where much of the fine detail on the statue and background building have been lost.

Images taken of the ball statue in front of Sather Tower.

Images taken on the terrace above Bechtel.

Additional Images

We ended up settling on the 3mm pinhole, as it produced iamges that usually had good detail, color, and brightness. While the 1mm pinhole would have yielded more detailed images, the camera we used (Sony A6000) did not have a long-enough exposure setting to properly capture quality images with such a small pinhole. This was in part due to the fact that we used an f/3.5 lens to capture the images. A lens with a smaller f-number would have been ideal, as it would allow more light from the pinhole to reach the camera's sensor. We didn't have any lenses that would work, so we went with the next best thing, a slightly larger pinhole.

A statue of angled tubes outside Li Ka Shing

Memorial glade

The Hearst Mining Circle. This image was taken reltively late in the day (around 5 PM), so it's noticeably on the dimmer side

An image of a house across the street from my apartment.