Face Morphing

Midway Face

Here is the average of Lucy Liu and me.

Morph Sequence

Smooth morph.

Mean Face of Female Danes

Average Face

Here is the average face of female Danes.

Here are some Danes warped to the average female Dane.

Geometry Warping

Here is my face warped to the geometry of the average female Dane. You can see that my face has become much wider, especially near the chin. My eyes are also a little closer together.

Here is the average female Dane warped into the geometry of my face. You can see that her chin has become much sharper (like mine). The jawline is a little messy because I only used one keypoint.


Here is a caricature of my face. Original picture is on the left. As expected, my chin has gotten sharper and longer. The shadow on my nose (uneven lighting) in the original image also became more prominent in the caricature.

Bells and Whistles

If I Were A (Chinese, average actor-faced) Boi

Here are the original images of me and of the average Chinese actor.

Morphing just the appearance

Morphing just the shape

Morphing both