Collin Chin's Programming Project #4

Computing the Mid-way Face

After selecting a set of correspondences, Collin (left) was warped into George(right) to produce a CollinClooney mid-way image(center). An inverse warp was used to make sure every pixel in the destination was set to something from the input.

The Morph Sequence

After selecting a set of correspondences, a warp fraction, and a dissolve fraction, Collin was warped into George to produce the following gif:

The Mean Face of a Population

Using images and correspondences from the IMM Face Database, the mean face of the population(left), Collin warped into the average(center), and the average warped into Collin(right) were computed using the morph function.


By extrapolating the mean of the population and using the morph function with a negative warp fraction of -1/4 we see a version of Collin where his big nose is inflated even more.

Baby Face (Bells and Whistles)

Morph Collin(left) into the average baby(center) Hopefully it looks like real baby Collin(right).

Results: shape morph(left), appearance morph(center), both(right)