CS194-26: Image Manipulation and Computational Photography

Face Morphing

Denis Li, cs194-26-aem


In this project, I morph faces together

Defining Correspondences

To more a face into another face, we first need to crop the pictures to be the same size, define correspondence points and triangulate.

correspondence points for me
correspondence points for my friend

Computing the "Mid-way Face"

With the points we can then compute the "mid-way face" by using a warp_frac of 0.5 and a dissolve_frac of 0.5.

my friend
"midway" face

Morph Sequence

From there we can make the entire morph sequence by gradually changing the warp_frac and dissolve_frac from 0 to 1.

morph sequence

The "Mean face" of a population

From here, I got a bunch of peoples faces, morphed each of the them into the average shape and then combined them to form the "mean face".

example face 1
example face 1 morphed
example face 2
example face 2 morphed
example face 3
example face 3 morphed
the "mean face"
the average face warped into my geometry
my face warped into the average geometry


If we extrapolate from the mean (setting warp_frac to be greater than 1 or less than 0) we can form Caricatures


Class Morph video!

Check it out here!