Face Morphing

Harry Ho

This project involved me looking at my face for so long. Because we are accustomed to looking at specific features on our faces, morphing the faces into a combination is not just a mix of the pigments. We have to map the features and combine each one, like noses, eyes, lips, ears. From this, we can calculate the general difference of our faces and extrapolate our features.

Morphing me and my brother's face

Below is me and my brother's faces morphing from one to the other. Notice that since my brother is smiling with teeth, the morph isn't very convincing, with intermediate frames not looking too human-like

gif of me and my brother
Me and my white mustache

Mean face of a population

I used the population of all girls in the data sample. I then took the mean of all faces in the population. The points only mapped the eyes, nose, and lips so the hair and shoulders were a little warped

Average face of women
My face with average female features
Average females with my face features
A caricature, alpha level 0.5

Bells and whistles

I remember how face morphing was used in last year's halloween movie, Truth or Dare, when the character's faces would morph into a creepy smile. So, using that data for the mouths, I added the new values to the face below.

Need more points for the smile.