CS 194-26 Project 4: Face Morphing!

Nanxi Wang

Project Overview

In this project, we use piecewise affine transformations of Delaunay triangulations created from key reference points to morph one face into another. We also use this to align and compute the average face shape of a population.

Midway Face


Midway Face and Morph Sequence

Here I computed the midway face and morph sequence between a mystery (possibly famous) guy and Mark Zuckerberg. Both images were taken from Martin Schoeller's "Close Ups" portrait series.

Averages of a Population

The average Danish computer scientist

This is the average face of roughly 50 danish computer scientists! The faces were aligned using the specified correspondence points.

Faces morphed into the average face shape

These are two examples of individual scientists morphed into the average face shape.