CS194-26 Project 4: Face Morphing

Priya Agarwal


In this project we used triangulation and Delaunay triangles to take one image, find its shape, find its affine transformation, and then warp that shape into another shape and apply that warp to another image thereby warping that image

Midway Face

I took a picture of Taylor Swift and Anne Hatheway and found the average between the two faces to get their midway face

Taylor Swift

Midway Face

Anne Hatheway


I morphed Taylor and Anne and this is the morphing gif that I got!

Taylor Swift Anne Hatheway Morph

Mean Face

This is the average face of the Danish set we were provided

Danes Mean Face

A regular Dane Morphing his face to the Average

Average Faces Warped

First I warped my face to the average dane face (which came out weird because of gender difference) Then, I reversed it and warped the dane average face to mine.

My Face

My Face to Average Dane Shape

Average Dane Shape to My Face



Bells and Whistles

For bells and whistles I just did a old young transformaton of Taylor Swift and Angela Merkel

Taylor Swift Angela Merkel