CS 194:-26 Image Manipulation and Computational Photography, Fall 2018

Project 6A: Image Warping and Mosaicing

Jun Zhou, CS194-26-abm


The input pictures are mapped along with the corresponding rectified/mosaic pictures.


Warp (Rectified)



I learned how to set up a proper workflow for an image process project. It was a bit messy before, and it's still a bit messy now but I wrapped the autonomous functiosn in a class that I'm working on for part 2. Otherwise, I've utilized most the knowledge I've learned in the past weeks about homography and projects along with linear algebra to synthesize a pretty amazing application. Also taking pictures on my iPhone, I realized the axis directions were flipped for Preview but not for streaming the data with skio/cv2 so I resorted to using pictures from a friend for computing (except for the rectified picture 3, which is the picture I found aforementioned directional anomoly).