CS 194-26: Image Manipulation and Computational Photography

Project 6A: Image Warping and Mosaicing

Justin Lu - cs194-26-acb

In this project, I learned how to compute a homography matrix, warp an image into the perspective of another image, and blend two images taken from different perspectives into a single mosaic. A homography transformation allows us to convert a point in one perspective to a point in another perspective, and by using the inverse of this homography matrix, we can warp an image into another perspective. One of the applications of this is to rectify images, which is essentially to change the perspective such that an object in an image becomes rectilinear. By warping one image to another's perspective, we can blend these images to create a mosaic.


Image of book.
Rectified image of book.
Image of hot pad.
Rectified image of hot pad.

Mosaic Stitching

First image of windows.
Second image of windows.
Window images blended into a mosaic.
First image of drawers.
Second image of drawers.
Drawer images blended into a mosaic.
First image of desk.
Second image of desk.
Desk images blended into a mosaic.