Computer Science 194-26: Image Manipulation and Computational Photography

Project 6a: Image Morphing and Mosaicing

Ari Pickar

Image Morphing

In this part of the project, I took photos of parts of a mosaic, hoping to find common elements to stitch together to make a composite image.

Example Pictures

Recover Homographies

In this part I tried to recover the homography between the images to create a warp between the images. I used the python ginput library to select points, and then created a sysem of linear equations to find the homography.

Warp Images

Once the homography was found, I could reverse warp all of the points in the old image to a point in the new image, making them into a new shape.

Image Recification

To recify the image, I tried to create an image that was front facing. For this image, I rectified it based on the bottom square of the wall. This made the wall frontal facing

Before Rectification After Rectification

Image Mosaiacing

For this last part, I took the stretched image, found the corresponding points in the second image, and then created a merged image. Unfortunately, after the first image, this failed, so I couldnt get to 3 images.

Success Fail

What I learned

I thought that this was really cool, I really enjoyed learning about image mosaicing, and think that it is a really cool way to combine images!