Project 6, Part 1: Image Warping and Mosaicing

CS 194: Computational Photography

Marisa Wong (cs-adb)


Given a set of corresponding points between two images, we can construct a homography matrix that will apply a projective transformation that help warp one image perspective to the other image perspective. Once we warp one image to another, we can combine them in order to create a panorama.

Image Rectification

Book Rectiifed
Sign Rectiifed

Image Stitching

House Left View
House Right View
House Stitched
Campus Left View
Campus Right View
Kitchen Left View
Kitchen Right View
Kitchen Stitched

What I Learned

I learned how the basics of linear algebra is really useful in altering images. In addition, I learned that it's really important to take pictures from angles with the same lighting since it will make blending more seemless. Picking points is really important for finding an accurate homography matrix.