Image Warping and Mosaicing


I solved for Homographies by first defining correspondences on each image, then solving for the homography between the two.

Image Rectification (Homography Practice)

Here are some outputs of my homography function! Both the source image and the projection have been provided. The correspondences were defined as the corners of the book (im1) and of the rectangle (im2).

I just happened to be working on my project in VLSB when I wanted a better look at that painting in the main room...

Panorama / Mosaic

Here is a panorama of some room!

Linear Blending Example

Example of my linear blending algorithm. My approach was to gradually blend only the parts of the image that had overlap. So starting from one side of the image to the other, my image gets gradually less bright depending on which side of the panorama the image is going to be on.

More examples...

Foliage was really hard for me to properly align, but I tried my best!

What I Learned

It’s really hard to find good correspondences! But this was a really cool and quite simple algorithm when properly implemented. Was able to produce panoramas very quickly once the code was fully working!