Homework 6A: Image Mosaicing

Jacob Green | cs194-26-afl

Input Images

Flyer Board Image 1
Flyer Board Image 2
Library Image 1
Library Image 2
Roommate Image 1
Roommate Image 2

Annotated Images

Flyer Board Image 1 Annotated
Flyer Board Image 2 Annotated
Library Image 1 Annotated
Library Image 2 Annotated
Roommate Image 1 Annotated
Roommate Image 2 Annotated

Output Mosaics

Flyer Board Mosaic
Library Mosaic
Roommate Mosaic

Quick Thoughts

Honestly this homework was really frustrating as I felt that I understood all of the individual parts of the project (i.e. picking good correspondences, computing homographies, warping an image into another) but I had a ton of issues getting them to fit together. I would say that I learned the importance of understanding the semantics of individual functions that I write, as the two biggest hurdles for me were figuring out the direction that a homography converted points in and the orientation of coordinates (i.e. x,y or y,x) for different structures. I also learned some interesting techniques for blending, as I played around with a couple of different blending techniques and I landed on a two dimensional alpha blending technique that I think works pretty well for two image mosaics. Finally, I learned that it is very hard to pick good correspondences of an image with very few obvious corners. In the mosaic of my roommate, you can see the obvious flaws with trying to compute accurate correspondences without any clear corners to choose from. I think, with better correspondences, this image would have come out much better, similar to the other two.