Project 6A: Image Warping and Mosaicing

CS 194-26: Image Manipulation and Computational Photography, Fall 2018

Jacky Lu, CS194-26-AFX

Shoot and Digitize Photos

Here are some photos I took to mosaic:

View of southside, left half
View of southside, right half
Esh student work area, left half
Esh student work area, left half
View of sproul, left half
View of sproul, right half

Image Rectification

In this part, I calculated homographies to project images to a different planar surface. In this part, I get a better view of a tile floor and the roof of the sistine chapel:

Photo of a tile floor
Top-Down rectification
Sistine Chapel
Bottom-Up rectification

Blend Images into Mosaic

Using the last part, I can mosaic two images by rectifying one image to the same plane as another, and blending the two together. Here are the results:

Mosaic of view of south side
Mosaic of esh student area
Mosaic of view of sproul