CS194-26 Project 6A

CS194-26 Project 6A - Mosaics & Homographies

by Max McArthur

This part of the project was particularly interesting to me because there isn't anything particularly technically difficult or anything different than the previous projects we've done in this class, but I learned the importance of having enough data; for days I struggled with the code assuming that there was an issue with my homographies and in the end learned that I simply did not have enough data for the images to turn out well. I also had some trouble with blending working properly but I ended with a decent enough solution that had some artifacting but overall it turned out pretty decently, and I was pretty satisfied. I think the issues I had with the first input/output set are likely because of subjects being both in the foreground and background of the picture; in order to account for both of these, I would have had to input a significantly higher number of correspondence points, which I tried but didn't succeed as well as I would have liked with.

Input 1 Input 2 Output image