CS 194-26 Fall 2020, Project 3: Face Morphing

April Sin

Project Overview

In this project we want to create a morphing between two faces, compute the “mean” face of a population, and also do extrapolation to get caricature results.

1. Alignment

The first step to morphing two images it to align them so they are on the same coordinate plane. Then we can pick points of correspondences that makes sense

2. Compute the Middle Object

Using the points of correspondences, we can the shape vector of the middle image. And use that to calculate a common delaunay triangulation that can be applied to both images.

Then, we compute the average colors of the images by averaging values.

Mathematically, it would be
alpha * image1 + (1-alpha) * image2

Aligned Picture of Me
Aligned Picture of I.U.
Triangulation of Me
Triangulation of I.U.

Middle Image

3. Morphing Sequence

To make this into a video, we just need to calculate the middle objects of each frame.
All we need to do is to variate alpha.
Then I can create a gif :)

4. Computing the “mean” face of a population

To find the average face of a population, we apply the same logic. We find the average shape by interpolating all shape vectors. Warp all the individual images to the average shape. And combine the weighted pixel values.
Average of Danes
Triangulation of Average

Here are some examples of warping input to "mean danes"



We can make our faces look more cartoon-like by extrapolating our unique qualities. First, find the difference between my face’s shape vector and the population mean’s shape vector. Then emphasize the difference (i.e. my unique qualities) by adding it to the original image of myself.

Using a simple population of I.U., me and another student, I created some caricatures of myself. I used a variable alpha to adjust the caricature degree.

original me
alpha = 0.8
alpha = 3 - "I am a fish"

Bells and Whistles

Together with Roma Desai Vanessa Lin, Jason Wang, Jenny Song, Ankit Agarwal, Won Ryu, Briana Zhang, Tushar Sharma, Michael Wang, Ja (Thanakul) Wattanawong, William Loo, and Gary Yang, we have created a video of our faces morphing to one another!

Here is the link: https://youtu.be/O3vouduLS3w