Programming Project #3 :

Face Morphing


The objective of this project was to learn how to morph two faces together through point and color manipulation.

Defining Correspondences:

The first step was to define corresponding points on each face, for example : eyes to eyes, nose to nose, and the four corners to each other.

The two images I decided use were Taylor Swift and Geroge Clonney

Then I got corresponding points on each image:

Computing the "Mid-way Face":

Then with the corresponding points, I found the average points of those and then use that to find the average shape using Deluancy . Then I morphed both of the images to this average shape, and than morph them together using cross dissolving.

The Morph Sequence:

 To get the morph sequence, we warp the images in the sequence with a weight dictated by the frame that it is.

The "Mean face" of a population:

These are some of the male photos from the population :

This is the average male face from all the males in the population.

This was computed by finding the average point of the entire population, and then warping them with a weight of 1/len(population). This moves all of the faces towards the average shape and then you add them together.

Here is my face :

Here is my face with the average male population face:

Here is my face with the average geometry :

Caricatures: Extrapolating from the mean

Bells and Whistles :

  1. I did a themed music video of the cheetah girls :
  2. Here is the music video of me and other people in the class and also it goes from smiling to not smiling:
  3. Changed my race :