Project 3: Face Morphing

Roshni Rawal
CS 194-26 Fall 2020
October 13, 2020

Part 1: Morphing

I decided to morph together George Clooney and President Obama. The original images are displayed here.

Original Images

I then picked correspondencies for the two images. Using the correspondencies I found the average of both and used the average correspondencies to compute a delaunay triangulation. I applied that triangulation to each of the images. To compute the mid-way face, I warped each image to the average correspondencies and then added the images together. I found the correct color value by using bilinear interpolation.

Correspondencies and Triangulation

George correspondencies

Obama correspondencies

George triangulation

Obama triangulation

George/Obama mid-way face

I then created a video morph as shown in this animated gif using different warp and dissolve fractions. The gif has 50 frames.

Morph from President Obama to George Clooney

Part 2.1: The mid-way face

For this part I used the FEI face database. I computed the mid-way face by finding the average correspondencies of the dataset (I only used nonsmiling images). I computed a delaunay for the average correspondencies and then warped each of the images to the average. See examples below.

Warped to average examples

Example 1: Original

Example 2: Original

Example 3: Original

Example 1: Warped to average

Example 2: Warped to average

Example 3: Warped to average

Using all of these images warped to average, I computed an average of the warped images to get the mean face of the population.

Mean Face of Population

Part 2.2: Beyonce warped to the average of males

I decided to try to make "boy-once", or beyonce warped to the average of males. I first removed females from the previous dataset and computed a new average face, just based on male faces. Then I warped Beyonce's image to that face. I also warped the mean face to Beyonce's. Due to the angles of Beyonce's eyebrows I think that some triangles may have gotten flipped around in the transformation, resulting in the strangeness at the top of the image.

Computing "Boy-once"

Original image of Beyonce

The average face of a male

Beyonce warped to average geometry

Mean of males warped to Beyonce's geometry

Part 2.3: Beyonce caricature

To find a caricature of Beyonce as a male, I found the difference between beyonce's correspondencies and average correspondencies and then added that difference multiplied by some alpha back to the average male correspondencies. Below I show the caricature of "Boy-once" and a video of Beyonce morphing to this caricature. As you can see, "boy-once" is not quite as pretty as the real Beyonce.

"Boy-once" Caricature

Part 3: Bells and Whistles

I made two videos. One of my family morphing into eachother and one of the Better Call Saul cast morphing into eachother with the theme song behind it. If you're a breaking bad/better call saul fan, hope you enjoy!!

My Family (Me->Sister->Mom->Dad

Better Call Saul Cast