Face Morphing

Allan Yu


Here are some face warps and morphs.

Me and George

Here is my face, George Clooney's face, and the merge of our two faces. Below that you will find the entire morph process from my face to his, as well as some interesting pictures of my face to his face shape then his face to my face shape.

To do this, I chose 66 points on my face and his, plus corners of the images to align our face shapes (using ginput). We use the triangles created by these points to map the images together speedily. The mid way face is computed by equally weighing both faces relative to warp and dissolve. For the morph sequence, we start with no warp/dissolve on my face transitioned to no warp/dissolve on George's face.



Mid-way Face

Morph Sequence

My Face, George's Face Shape

George's Face, My Face Shape

Mean Danish Face

Below, I create the average face of Danish men based on the Danes dataset (with only colored images). We do this by creating the average face shape by averaging keypoints, then aligning each image and averaging the actual images themselves. Under the average Danish Face image, I include some examples of Danish men morphed into the average face shape (just the shape is morphed), as well as my face morphed with the average Danish face.

Average Danish Face

Dane 1 Original

Dane 1 Shape Morph

Dane 2 Original

Dane 2 Shape Morph

Dane 3 Original

Dane 3 Shape Morph

My Face Morphed to Average Dane


In this section, I extrapolate from the population mean and create two carictures of my face. Turns out my hair becomes really messy.

Caricature Less Extreme

Caricature More Extreme

Bells and Whistles

Finally, I morph my face with someone of the opposite gender (Constance Wu). Here are the results.

Me Again (For Reference)


My Face, Constance's Face Shape

Constance's Face, My Face Shape

Morph Just Face Shape

Morph Just Appearance

Full Morph

Mid-way Blend Image (Me as a girl)

References (Danes Data Set)

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