CS194-26 Project 5A

Shoot the Pictures

Here are the images I took inside and outside:

Inside Room 1
Inside Room 2

Recover Homographies

By following the formula provided, I was able to take out a 3x3 Homography matrix for each pair of the images.

Warp the Images

I used cv.remap to basically warp a source image to destination image and use cv2.Addweight to set original image to 0 and destination image to 1.

Image Rectification

By hardcoding points on the book/tea box and the wall behind them, we are able to change perspective (ie rectify images as per our want!)

Original 1
Rectified 1
Original 2
Rectified 2

Blend the images into a mosaic

By increasing the sizes of of the output images, and laying the warped 2nd image over the actual, we are able to create a beautiful mosaic. Iti s a little blurry because it is difficult to overlap points exactly in such a large image size. I'm sure if we did this automatically the result wouldn't be as blurry.

Tell us what you've learned

That making panoromic style pictures is quite a bit of work, and involves a lot of mathematical magic.

Harris Corners

ANMS Points

Original 1
Rectified 1