Nitzan Orr - CS 194-26 - Project 5: Panoramas

I have an apple pen                                                        I have pineapple


Pen pineapple apple pen

Today’s panoramas are brought to you by: homographies and inverse warp. As well as creating large-enough canvases to transform images into. I took this photo, a while back, from the roof of New Sequoia on-campus apartments in Spring 2020. In this project, it was cool picking features by hand and recovering H to do some warps, and a panorama like above.

Speaking of homographies, how about some rectification:

Now that window in the tower is “facing” the camera

Be there or be square

Finally, even though I didn’t iron it out completely, trying my hand at RANSAC was cool. I got to create and then match feature detectors, based on MOPS

Overall, I actually enjoyed understanding the behind the scenes of how panoramas are created! This class is definitely in the top 3 classes I’ve ever taken, and I hope students will continue being able to take it.