How to submit assignments for CS194-26 (CS294-26).

For each assignment, you will be required to submit two deliverables:

1. Your code to bCourses:

For every assignment you should create a main.m or that can be used to run all your code for the assignment, and a README.txt file that contains all required documentation. Place all source code used to generate your results, as well as any documentation required to use the code, in a folder named "firstname_lastname_code_projX" where you replace "firstname" and "lastname" with your name, and X with the hw number. Submit the whole folder to bCourses.

Submit the folder with all your code to the bCourses class website.

2. Your webpage to the class website:

You may test the page by visiting
where you replace X with the number.

This directory is publicly accessible, so please don't place any sensitive material (Like Code!) here.

Labs Available

Matlab is available on all of the Instructional UNIX and Windows
computers. All students enrolled students can get accounts
on EECS computers. Students can use any of the the labs in
Soda (UNIX) as well as 199 Cory (Windows). EECS also has login servers.

Here are some references: