Perspective-Aware Photo Collaging Tool

James Fong (cs194-abd)

CS194-26: Image Manipulation and Computational Photography Spring 2020

(This webpage is just for showcasing some higher-resolution examples of my program’s output. The project description itself is in the paper.)


This video was added publicly to the webpage on May 18, by staff request. The rest of the webpage is as it appeared before the deadline.

360 Panoramas

(Note: there are some weird compression-related artifacts near the edges of the cubemap that are from a separate program that converts cubemaps into equirectangular map. These do not show up in my program’s actual outputs.)

Waiting at Elis Island

“Live Demo” Demo

(This is the scene that I edited live during the presentation.)

Random Photos That I Took

Touring Not Into The Picture

High(er) Resolution Images

Lemonade Stand

Bear Stack

Newspaper Stack


Scene Editor

Calibration Editor


Background 360-panoramas used from Emil Persson’s site:

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