UC Berkeley CNM 190 : Advanced Digital Animation

UC Berkeley CNM 190 : Advanced Digital Animation

Dan Garcia, Greg Niemeyer, Jeremy Huddleston, and Ashley Eden with guest lecturers from Pixar Animation Studios
Last Upddated : 2006-10-11

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CNM 190 is targeted at 4th year students with backgrounds in art, film, or computer science who intend to work in the visual effects, animation, or entertainment industries upon graduation. It will build upon students' knowlege from previous related courses to guide them through the production process in an environment similar to industry production houses. We will survey many advanced topics and allow students to focus on a subset they find interesting while collaborating with their team to develop three 30 second animation pieces.


Inspired 3D Short Film Production Required - First Semester: Inspired 3D Short Film Production
Advanced Renderman Required - Second Semester: Advanced Renderman
Digital Lighting & Rendering Required - Second Semester: Digital Lighting & Rendering
MEL Scripting for Maya Animators Useful - First Semester: MEL Scripting for Maya Animators
Complete Maya Programming Useful - First Semester: Complete Maya Programming
The Renderman Companion Useful - Second Semester: The Renderman Companion



Weeks Date Instructor Lecture Topic Assignment Due
Week 1 Mon 2006.08.28 All + Randy Nelson Course Overview, Story Writing (ppt, pdf, 6up, Designing a Pixar Film, Improvised Collaborative Story)

Wed 2006.08.30 All More Story Writing, Asset Management, Systems
Week 2 Mon 2006.09.04 --- NO INSTRUCTION - HOLIDAY

Wed 2006.09.06 All Critique Story Pitch
Week 3 Mon 2006.09.11 Greg Camera 1 : A Camera with a Feeling

Wed 2006.09.13 All Critique Storyboard
Week 4 Mon 2006.09.18 Greg Procedural Tendencies: The Cultural Agenda Behind Algorithmic Thinking

Wed 2006.09.20 All Critique Animated Storyboard
Week 5 Mon 2006.09.25 Dan Modeling 1 : Procedural Modeling Basics (ppt, pdf, 6up)

Wed 2006.09.27 All Critique Physical Models
Week 6 Mon 2006.10.02 Dan + Sanjay Bakshi Modeling 2 : Sets, Characters, Hair, Fur, and Advanced Procedural Modeling (ppt, pdf, 6up)

Wed 2006.10.04 All Critique Procedurally Generated Models
Week 7 Mon 2006.10.09 Greg + Brian Green Modeling 3 : Skeletons & Rigging

Wed 2006.10.11 All Critique Hand Generated Models
Week 8 Mon 2006.10.16 Dan + Gautam Rangan Camera 2 : Procedural Techniques of Cinematography (ppt, pdf, 6up, The Lost Art of Film Editing Article)

Wed 2006.10.18 All Critique Character Sheets, Set Drawings, Hero Rigs with Pose Sheets
Week 9 Mon 2006.10.23 Greg + Gautam Rangan Animation 1 : Basics, Motion, Sound, Data (ppt, ast02.mov, demo.mb)

Wed 2006.10.25 All Critique Layout Animation, Shot Sheets, Secondary Models
Week 10 Mon 2006.10.30 Dan, Jeremy Animation 2 : Inverse Kinematics, Automating Animation, Physics Simulation (ppt, pdf, 6up, SpringPendulum tarball)

Wed 2006.11.01 All Critique Final Layout Animation, Final Models & Sets
Week 11 Mon 2006.11.06 Greg + PhaseSpace + Ziah Fogel Animation 3 : Cause and Effect, Primary and Secondary, Procedural Style

Wed 2006.11.08 All Critique Animation Progress
Week 12 Mon 2006.11.13 Dan Animation 4 : Walk Cycles & Autonomous Motion (ppt, pdf, 6up, Lasseter paper, SPAM)

Wed 2006.11.15 All Critique Animation Progress
Week 13 Mon 2006.11.20 Dan + Apurva Shah Animation 5 : Particle Simulations, Crowds, Cloth, Hair

Wed 2006.11.22 All Critique Animation Progress
Week 14 Mon 2006.11.27 Greg Animation 6 : The Shiver of Affection

Wed 2006.11.29 All Critique Animation Progress
Week 15 Mon 2006.12.04 Randy Nelson Critique

Wed 2006.12.06 All Critique Animation Progress


Dan Garcia
- Friday, 14:00 to 15:00, Soda Hall 795

Greg Niemeyer
- Friday, 10:00 to 12:00, Kroeber Hall 334

Jeremy Huddleston
- Wednesday, 15:00 to 17:00, Soda Hall 346

Ashley Eden
- Monday 15:00 to 17:00, Soda Hall 545