Social Implications of Computer Technology

CS 195, Fall 2021

CS H195: Honors Social Implications of Computer Technology

CS H195 complement and supplement the topics presented in CS 195 lecture series. Students are expected to engage at a deeper level with the assigned weekly readings and be prepared to engage in thoughtful and constructive discussions around the course material. Where applicable, we will invite guest speakers from industry and academia to present their work and to participate in discussions alongside students. CS H195 will encourage students to go beyond thinking about computer technology as solely an engineering problem but instead viewing it holistically from the perspective of social sciences, legal studies, and policymaking.

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CS H195 is a 3-unit course. In addition to attending the regular weekly lecture, students will participate in weekly discussions and write reading responses, lead discussions and prepare presentations informed by their understanding of the material, and engage in a series of experiential and real-world assignments.