Social Implications of Computer Technology

CS 195, Fall 2021

Topics, Readings, and Assignments

Date Lecture Topic or Assignment Links
08/25 Free Speech () Slides
09/01 Privacy () Survey; Slides
09/08 Government Censorship and Surveillance () Survey; Slides
09/15 Jobs and Technology () Survey; Slides
09/22 Education () Survey; Slides
09/26 Essay 1 Proposal Due at 11:59pm Proposal Form
09/29 Copyright & Patents () Survey; Slides
09/29 Essay 1 Due at 11:59 PM Submission Link
10/06 Memes () Survey; Slides
10/06 Essay 1 Peer Reviews Due at 11:59 PM Review Link

Readings are "required", "recommended", or "extra". Required readings should be done before class for the discussion to make sense. Recommended readings will be used as sources in lecture, but we won't assume you've read them.

More information about the assignments, including the essays, can be found on the assignments page.

10/20 Lecture 9: Software Risks and Algorithmic Bias

Please complete this survey by Tuesday 10/19 @ 11:59 PM!

Software Risks:

Algorithmic Bias:

10/13 Lecture 8: Politics and Media

Please complete this short Lecture 8 survey by Tuesday 10/12 @ 11:59pm.

10/6 Lecture 7: Memes (Slides)

Please complete this short Lecture 7 survey by Tuesday 10/05 @ 11:59pm.

Please complete this short Lecture 6 survey by Tuesday 9/28 @ 11:59pm.

9/22 Lecture 5: Education (Slides)

Please complete this survey by 11:59 PM on Monday 9/20.

9/15 Lecture 4: Jobs and Technology (Slides)

Please complete this short Lecture 4 survey by Tuesday 9/14 @ 11:59pm.

9/8 Lecture 3: Government Censorship and Surveillance (Slides)

Please complete this short Lecture 3 survey by Monday 9/6 @ 11:59pm. If you're late that's OK, but earlier responses make it easier for me to tailor the lecture to your interests.

U.S. Tech Companies and Chinese Censorship and Surveillance:

Historical Censorship and Surveillance in the U.S.:

9/1 Lecture 2: Privacy (Slides)

Please complete this short Lecture 2 survey by Tuesday 8/31 @ 11:59pm.

8/25 Lecture 1: Free Speech (Slides)

No readings.