CS250 Class Setup and Compute Resources

In order to complete the labs for this class, please follow all of the steps below as soon as possible. Note: you will need to email in both your "named" account username and github.com username to bmzimmer@eecs.berkeley.edu in order to do the labs.


We will be using Piazza as a sort of newsgroup to help facilitate discussion and share information. You can learn how it works by watching a video at piazza.com.


Github offers easy version control with Git, and is free for educational groups. Please follow the steps below:

Instructional machine access

Every student needs an account for instructional machines. If you have not used a named account before, please consult http://inst.eecs.berkeley.edu/~inst/new-users.html for instructions. The easiest way is to probably visit 377 or 386 Cory Hall and ask how to setup a "named" account.


Our class has dedicated computers, but you probably won't want to have to go to the lab to use them. NoMachine is a very fast VNC and will allow you to run GUIs without any lag.