Project Proposal Presentation Guidelines

15 minute presentation (10-15 slides at most) + 10 minute Q/A and discussion
(5 minute switch time)


Oral presentation is an important part of your education here at Berkeley.
I will be grading not only your content, but also your presentation.

Each group member must give an equal portion of the presentation.

(1)   Introduce the group
      research interests

(1)   Project Title
      description of function
      An illustration/block-diagram is good here

(1)   Describe if this is part of an ongoing larger project,
      part of a project for another class, or part of a bigger
      design that might be done at a different time

(1-3) Motivation and background
      Why is this interesting?
      How does it get used - sample input and output
      Why do it as ASIC (versus SW or FPGA)?

(2-4) Theory of operation
      What is the algorithm or method that your design uses
      to a achieve the desired function?

(1)   Is there a design space to be explored?
      What are the design space parameters? What are the metrics?
      What do you expect with respect to trade-offs.

(1-2) Open questions
         ex: perhaps unsure about which is best algorithm (describe the alternatives),
              number representation, design space parameters