Using NOW cluster for CS250

In this page, you will find the necessary steps to run cs250 cad tools on the now cluster.

  • step 1: Get an account that has access to the now cluster. If your home directory is on orodruin or baradur, you automatically have access already. If not, get the account form from Randy.

  • step 2: Become a registered kerberos user. If you are not familiar with kerberos, please read kerberos tutorial for more information. If you need to be registered, please contact Brian K. Shiratsuki .

  • step 3: Add /usr/kerberos/bin to the head your path. For example: set path = (/usr/kerberos/bin $path). Execute which rlogin to make sure it is /usr/kerberos/bin/rlogin.

  • step 4: Execute kinit. This will initiate your kerberos ticket.

  • step 5: Use /usr/sww/share/bin/nowterm. This tool will follow the reservation rules and find the least loaded machine. (Say goodbye to slow machine)

  • step 6: Create a directory in /net/test0/disks/test0/a/cns/cs250. This will be your home directory. (Say goodbye to disk quota). Execute set HOME /net/test0/disks/test0/a/cns/cs250/[your directory]

  • step 7: Copy /net/test0/disks/test0/a/cns/cs250/dotfiles/.cdsinit to your home directory. Execute /net/test0/disks/test0/a/cns/cs250/dotfiles/.cadsetup to setup your cad tool path.

    You are now ready to take on challenging cs250 project.