Picture Name
Frederick Meyer EECS Senior
I loved CS184 and want to learn more about graphics before I graduate. Hopefully I have time for this class and will try to fit it along with my schedule!
Kristin Stephens CS Grad Student 3rd year
Graham Tremper EECS Senior
Gabe Fierro EECS Senior
Benjamin Izatt EECS 3rd Year
Henry Bradlow EECS Junior
Greg Dehmlow EECS Junior
Tiffany Wang EECS Junior
Steven Chien CS Senior
Kat Alexsandrova CS Junior
Danny Weinberg EECS Junior
Ki Fung Chow CS Senior
James "Murphy" McCauley Second semester EECS master's student
Kenneth Lin EECS Junior
Shreyas MIMS'14
Information: I do not have a background in Computer Graphics or OpenGL. I have done few demos and deliverables in HTML5's WebGL API and had previously done 3D computer graphics via softwares like Autodesk 3DsMAX. But, I am really really interested in taking this course. I shall be putting in extra effort for this course and trying to bring myself up to speed. I thank the instructors for the opportunity to take this course.
Warren He 1st year grad student in CS
I'm a security researcher. I'm taking this as a breadth course.
Sometimes I write programs for the Flash player, which you can look at here:

Here's my project from CS 184:
Chris Henzie EECS Senior
Steven Nguyen EECS Senior
Andrew Zhai EECS Junior
Albert Magyar Nuclear Engineering/CS Senior
Kevin Lin CS Senior
Penporn Koanantakool EECS 2nd-year Ph.D.
John(zheng) He CS Senior
Richard Lin EECS Senior
Kris Harkleroad EECS Senior
Michael Driscoll 2nd Year EECS Grad Student
Trevor Diem Video Game Software Engineer
Woojong Koh EECS Senior
Thamine Dalichaouch Physics and CS Senior
Taiki (Dae-eui) Kim LS CS Junior
Nicholas Estorga EECS Senior