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Information on Programming Asssignments

General Setting Up

There will be NO class accounts issued for this class.
You are supposed to use your own named accounts.
{If you don't have one, get one by following the instructions in 275/273 Soda}

If you are in the proper domain, you should be able to link directly to the libraries that we will provide -- so don't copy those files {and waste your precious disk space}. Only create the new files to handle your own code in your directory.

If you are in ME or in MATH or STAT, this linking may not work from those domains. I think it would be prudent to get yourself an instructional account {as mentioned above}.

Disk File Space

Some of the assignments will use a significant amount of space to compile. The instructional group will not increase your individual quotas in your instructional accounts. You are advised to make use of the large amount of temporary space available.
/usr/pub/disk.quotas explains how to do this:

No quotas on /home/tmp and /home/tmp2:

To compensate for the problems with disk quotas, we have provided 2 large file systems called /home/tmp and /home/tmp2. These filesystems have no disk quotas and are exported to all EECS Instructional systems. All users can write to them. Users may store files that are related to their coursework. These file systems will be emptied of all files after the end of each semester.

To use this space to store coursework, run the command "/share/b/bin/mkhometmpdir" on po (/home/tmp) or torus (/home/tmp2). This command will create a directory with your login name for your use. You will only be permitted to have a directory on one filesystems; whichever one you create first will be the one you use for the course of the semester.

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