Reading List

Note: Many of the papers on this list can be downloaded from the authors’ websites.  Other papers are available from the ACM or IEEE digital libraries.  If you access these libraries from a campus computer you should be able to download the PDF files for free as the UC library has a campus-wide subscription. 

Initial Readings

The items in this section are suggested as background to help understand the context of animation.

  1. "The Making of Toy Story," Course Notes SIGGRAPH ‘96, Walters, et al.

  2. "Principles of Traditional Animation Applied to 3D Computer Animation," SIGGRAPH 1987, John Lasseter

  3. "The Problems of Computer-Assisted Animation," SIGGRAPH 1978, Edwin Catmull

Recommended Background

These books are not required but they can provide useful background for this class.

  1. Linear Algebra and Its Applications by Gilbert Strang

  2. A First Course in Continuum Mechanics by Y.C. Fung

  3. Nonlinear Continuum Mechanics for Finite Element Analysis by Javier Bonet and Richard D. Wood

  4. A Brief on Tensor Analysis by James G. Simmonds

  5. Fluid Simulation for Computer Graphics by Robert Bridson

Lecture 1

  1. "Graphical Modeling and Animation of Brittle Fracture," SIGGRAPH 99, O'Brien and Hodgins

  2. "Finite Element Notes," Adam Bargteil ( )

  3. "Graphical Modeling and Animation of Ductile Fracture," SIGGRAPH 2002, O'Brien, Bargteil, and Hodgins

  4. "A Finite Element Method for Animating Large Viscoplastic Flow," SIGGRAPH 2007, Bargteil, Wojtan, Hodgins, and Turk

  5. "Dynamic Local Remeshing for Elastoplastic Simulation," SIGGRAPH 2010, Wicke, Ritchie, Klingner, Burke, Shewchuck and O'Brien

Lecture 2

  1. "Invertible Finite Elements For Robust Simulation of Large Deformation," SIGGRAPH 2004, Irving, Teran, and Fedkiw

  2. "Interactive Virtual Materials," Graphics Interface 2004, Muller and Gross

  3. "Stable Real-Time Deformations," SCA 2002, Muller, Dorsey, McMillan, Jagnow, and Cutler

  4. "A Fast Finite Element Solution for Cloth Modelling," Pacific Graphics 2003, Etzmuβ, Keckeisen, and Straβer

  5. "Updated Sparse Cholesky Factors for Corotational Elastodynamics," TOG 2012, Hecht, Lee, Shewchuk, and O'Brien

Lecture 3

  1. "Physically Based Deformable Models in Computer Graphics," EUROGRAPHICS 2005, Nealen, Müller, Keiser, Boxerman, and Carlson

  2. “Large Steps in Cloth Simulation,” SIGGRAPH 1998, Baraff and  Witkin

  3. “Asynchronous Contact Mechanics,” SIGGRAPH 2009, Harmon, Vouga, Smith, Tamstorf, and Grinspun

Lecture 4

  1. "DyRT: Dynamic Response Textures for Real Time Deformation Simulation with Graphics Hardware," SIGGRAPH 2002, James and Pai

  2. Synthesizing sounds from rigid-body simulations,” SCA 2002, O’Brien, Shen, and Gatchalian

  3. “Stable Spaces for Real-time Clothing,” SIGGRAPH 2010, de Aguiar, Sigal, Treuille, Hodgins

Lecture 5

  1. “FastLSM: Fast Lattice Shape Matching for Robust Real-Time Deformation,” SIGGRAPH 2007, Rivers and James

  2. “Meshless Deformations Based on Shape Matching”, SIGGRAPH 2005, Müller, Heidelbergerm, Teschner, and Gross

  3. “Position Based Dynamics”, VRIPHYS 2006, Müller, Heidelberger, Hennix, and Ratcliff

  4. “Hierarchical Position Based Dynamics”, VRIPHYS 2008, Müller

Lecture 6

  1. “Modeling the Motion of a Hot, Turbulent Gas,” SIGGRAPH 1997, Foster and Metaxas

  2. Stable fluids,” SIGGRAPH 1999, Stam

Lecture 7

  1. “Animating Sand as a Fluid,” SIGGRAPH 2005, Zhu and Bridson

  2. “A Method for Animating Viscoelastic Fluids,” SIGGRAPH 2004, Goktekin, Bargteil, and O’Brien

Lecture 8

  1. “A semi-Lagrangian contouring method for fluid simulation,” ACM TOG 2006, Bargteil, Goktekin, O’Brien.

  2. Fast and Robust Tracking of Fluid Surfaces,” SCA 2009, Müller

  3. “Animation and Rendering of Complex Water Surfaces,” SIGGRAPH 2002, Enright, Marschner, and Fedkiw.

Lecture 9

  1. Rigid Fluid: Animating the Interplay Between Rigid Bodies and Fluid,” SIGGRAPH 2004, Carlson, Mucha, and Turk.

  2. Coupling Water and Smoke to Thin Deformable and Rigid Shells,” SIGGRAPH 2005 Guendelman, Selle, Losasso, and Fedkiw.

  3. Simultaneous Coupling of Fluids and Deformable Bodies,” SCA 2006, Chentanez, Goktekin, Feldman, and O'Brien

Lecture 10

  1. “Fluid Control Using the Adjoint Method,” SIGGRAPH 2004, McNamara, Popović, and Stam

  2. “Target-Driven Smoke Animation,” SIGGRAPH 2004,  Fattal, and Lischinski

  3. “Detail-Preserving Fluid Control,” SCA 2006, Thuerey, Keiser, Pauly, and Ruede

  4. “Controlling Liquids Using Meshes,” SCA 2012, Raveendran, Thuerey, Wojtan, and Turk

Lecture 11

  1. Discrete Elastic Rods,” SIGGRAPH 2008, Bergou, Wardetzky, Robinson, Audoly, and Grinspun

  2. Discrete Viscous Threads,” SIGGRAPH 2010, Bergou, Audoly, Vouga, Wardetzky, and Grinspun

Lecture 12

  1. Artistic Simulation of Curly Hair,” Pixar Technical Memo, Iben, Meyer, Petrovic, Soares, Anderson, Witkin

  2. Modeling Dynamic Hair as a Continuum” CGF 2001, Hadap and Magnenat-Thalmann

  3. Detail preserving continuum simulation of straight hair,” McAdams, Selle, Ward, Sifakis,  and Teran

  4. A Mass Spring Model for Hair Simulation,” SIGGRAPH 2008, Selle, Lentine, and Fedkiw

Lecture 13 (Guest Lecture by Rahul Narain)

  1. "Particle-Based Fluid Simulation for Interactive Applications", SCA 2003, Muller, Charypar, and Gross

  2. Weakly Compressible SPH for Free Surface Flows,” SCA 2007, Becker and Teschner.

  3. "Predictive-Corrective Incompressible SPH", SIGGRAPH 2009, Solenthaler and Pajarola

  4. "Adaptively Sampled Particle Fluids", SIGGRAPH 2007, Adams, Pauly, Keiser, and Guibas

  5. "Reconstructing Surfaces of Particle-Based Fluids Using Anisotropic Kernels", SCA 2010, Yu and Turk

Lecture 14 (Guest Lecture by Rahul Narain)

  1. Simulation of Smoke based on Vortex Filament Primitives”, SCA 2005, Angelidis and Neyret

  2. "Filament-based smoke with vortex shedding and variational reconnection", SIGGRAPH 2010, Wiessmann and Pinkall.

  3. "Model Reduction for Real-time Fluids", SIGGRAPH 2006, Treuille, Lewis, and Popovic

  4. "Fluid Dynamics using Laplacian Eigenfunctions", TOG 2011, de Witt, Lessig, and Fiume