week of ...

Lecture topics/activities


Jan 21

(holiday, no lecture)

Jan 28

Early Scheme concepts (functions, words, sentences), conditionals

Slides, code

Feb 4

Review; Conditional expressions; introduction to case studies

Slides, code

Feb 11

Data abstraction,

Introduction to Recursion

Slides, code

Feb 18

(holiday, no lecture. Make-up lecture during the week…)

Slides, code

Feb 25

Midterm exam I

Mar 3

Advanced recursion

Slides, code

Mar 10

Higher order procedures

Slides, code

Mar 17

Programs that use higher order procedures, lambda

Slides, code

Mar 24

(spring break)

Mar 31

Tree recursion, midterm review

Slides, code

Apr 7

Midterm exam 2

Apr 14

Generalized lists

Slides, code

Apr 21

Introduction to the project


Apr 28

Advanced Lists

Slides, code

May 5

Course summary, Guest Lecture (CS at Berkeley)

Jonathan's slides (CS at Cal)
Colleen's slides (CS in industry)

May 12

Exam Review

Slides, sample exam problems, and solutions.