CS3 Spring06 Lectures

week of ...

Lecture Files

Jan 16

holiday, no lecture

Jan 23

Slides (ppt; pdf)

Jan 30

Slides (ppt; pdf)

Feb 6

Slides (ppt; pdf), code

Feb 13

Slides (ppt, pdf)

Feb 20

holiday, no lecture

Feb 27

Midterm exam 1

Mar 6

Slides (pdf) -- note, there are two extra "problems" in slides at the end

Mar 13

Slides (pdf), code

Mar 20

Slides (pdf), successive-concatenation code.

Mar 27

Spring break...

Apr 3

Slides (pdf), handout (pdf), handout solutions (pdf)

Note: there are some extra problems in the last few slides that we didn't cover in lecture

Apr 10 Midterm exam 2

Apr 17

Slides (pdf)

Apr 24

Slides (pdf), we didn't get to the "other languages" slides in lecture.
Code (with answers to questions posed in slides, and some discussion of other things we did in lecture).

May 1


May 9