Welcome to CS 301!

Teaching Techniques for Computer Science
Fall 2008

Friday 4:00-5:30
380 Soda

Mike Clancy
Brian Barsky

Colleen Lewis

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Week Date Topic Homework due Reading due
Week 1 Aug 29th Your First Section none Resources:
Week 2 Sept 5th What makes a good TA
  • Prepare to describe your situation in your class
Week 3 Sept 12th Collaborative Learning with Brian Harvey Homework 1  
Week 4 Sept 18th Collaborative Learning (part 2)    
Week 5 Sept 25th evaluation Homework 2  
Week 6 Oct 3rd exam preparation and grading Homework 3 Exams handout
Week 7 Oct 10th time management    
Week 8 Oct 17th Kinesthetic Learning Activities (KLAs)    
Week 9 Oct 24th Defensive climates   Defensive Climate article
Week 10 Oct 31th implementation of collaborative learning    
Week 11 Nov 7th detecting and addressing student misconceptions    
Week 12 Nov 14th issues involving office hours    
Week 13 Nov 21th misconceptions; working with staff and faculty    
Week 14 Nov 28th Turkey Day    
Week 15 Dec 5th wrap up Homework 4