Welcome to CS 301!

Teaching Techniques for Computer Science
Fall 2012

Tuesday 4:10-5:30
405 Soda

Brian Barsky

Angie Little

Welcome to CS301! Course Policy Document

TT    = Tools for Teaching, Davis, B.G., Jossey-Bass; San Francisco, 2009.
This link takes you to an e-book copy but you'll need a library proxy to access it from your home computer.
Week Date Topic Homework due Reading due
Week 1 August 28 Your First Section none Optional: TT: I [3] The first day of class
Week 2 September 4 Group Work Irvine Video Online Ethics Course
bspace forum post
TT: [9-13] Discussion Strategies
Week 3 September 11 Strategy Dweck video1 video2 Self Reflection Worksheet TT: [21-23]
Week 4 September 18 Collaborative and experiential strategies & teaching outside the classroom (office hours) Feedback: Round 1 TT:[52] Early Feedback, The Tao of Talc, TT:[55-56] Outside the classroom,
Week 5 September 25 Mini-lectures Homework 4: Mini-Lecture Web Link:  Lecture Strategies
Week 6 October 2 Fear and failure Steele video bSpace post: one thing to improve Defensive Climate in the CS Classroom (with bSpace post)
Week 7 October 9 Learning Strategies video Homework 5a:Observe another TA
Homework 5b:Feedback from another TA
Week 8 October 16 Testing, grading & instructional media and technology Homework 6 Feedback: Round 2 TT:  VIII [38-44] Testing and Grading,
TT:  IX [45-51] Presentation Technologies
Week 9 October 23 How schools fail Homework 7 Video tape your section TT:  VII [24-27] Strengthening students' writing and problem-solving,
TT:  XII [59-61] Finishing up
Week 10 October 30 Last Class    
Week 11 November 6 Independent meetings    
Week 12 November 13 Independent meetings    
Week 13 November 20 Independent meetings    
Week 14 November 27 Independent meetings